March 2022

A hearty congratulations to Ludger Ploenes for successfully defending his thesis. His thesis is about “A Novel Crossed-Molecular-Beam Setup: Investigating state- and conformer-specific effects in bimolecular reactions”.


March 2022

Dr. Prerna Paliwal from the Weizmann Institute of Science has joined our group as a new post-doc. She will be working on the development of Cryo Quantum technology. Welcome, Prerna.


January 2022

A big welcome to our new PhD student Richard Karl. He received his master degree from ETH, Zurich. Richard will work on Molecular quantum technologies.


October 2021

Ardita’s et al.’s latest article on conformationally controlled Diels-Alder reactions has appeared as a highlighted article in Nature Communications.


October 2021

Let’s congratulate Dr. Mudit Sinhal for his successful PhD defence. He gave an excellent talk on “Quantum Control of Single Molecular ions: A novel route of precision measurements on single molecules using quantum technologies”.


September 2021

A warm welcome to our new Postdoc Dr. Jutta Toscano from JILA (University of Colorado Boulder and NIST). She will be exploring conformationally controlled dynamics of ion-neutral reactions.

August 2021


We have realised a nationwide network for ultrahigh- precision molecular spectroscopy by distributing the Swiss primary frequency standard to laboratories all over Switzerlerand. Read our article and the University of Basel press release.


January 2021

Dr. Yanning Yin joins our group coming from the University of Groningen. Yanning will work on the hybrid trapping of cold ions and neutrals. Welcome !