Jutta Toscano

Dr Jutta Toscano


Department of Chemistry
University of Basel
Klingelbergstrasse 80
CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland
Tel. +41 (0)61 207 38 14


Brief Curriculum Vitae


2023 – 2027           Junior principal investigator (Ambizione Fellow)
                                          University of Basel
2021 – 2023           Postdoctoral researcher
                                          University of Basel
2019 – 2021           Postdoctoral researcher (Lindemann Fellow)
                                          JILA University of Colorado Boulder (USA)
2018 – 2019           Postdoctoral researcher (EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow)
                                          University of Oxford (UK)
2014 – 2018           Doctoral student (DPhil in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry)
                                          University of Oxford (UK)
2010 – 2014           Undergraduate student (M.Sci. Chemistry)
                                          University College London (UK)


Full Curriculum Vitae






ORCID: 0000-0003-3594-9462


Ambizione project: Controlled laboratory astrochemistry


Gas-phase and grain-surface chemistry in diffuse and dense interstellar clouds drive the formation of hundreds of increasingly complex carbon-bearing molecules from small, single-carbon species. In this project, we investigate how molecular complexity in interstellar space emerges from the reaction of small atomic and molecular fragments. The combined use of electric fields, magnetic fields and laser light enables the precise control of the velocity and quantum state of the reacting species to understand the fundamental reaction dynamics of astrochemical processes. In particular, the spatial separation of molecules in different rotational states by electrostatic deflection allows us to probe the effect of adding a single quantum of rotational excitation on the reaction kinetics and product branching ratios.