Alumni of the Willitsch group:


Alexander Dörfler (PhD student)

Pascal Eberle (PhD Student, now at Basler Kantonalbank)

Dr. Iulia Georgescu (Postdoc, now editor with Nature Publishing Group)

Matthias Germann (PhD Student, now Postdoc at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Dr. Hong Gao (Postdoc, now Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences)  

Dominik Haas (PhD student, now with Swiss Federal State)

Gregor Hegi (PhD student, now at RUAG Schweiz)

Felix H. J. Hall (PhD Student, now patent attorney)

Dr. Ravi Krishnamurthy (Postdoc)

Arezoo Mokhberi (PhD Student, now Postdoc at the University of Mainz)

Uxia Rivero (PhD student, now at Basler Kantonalbank)

Daniel Rösch (PhD Student, now Postdoc at Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore)

Ian Rouse (PhD student, now postdoc at University College Dublin)

Ilia Sergachev (PhD Student, now development scientist at Alpes Lasers SA)   

Dr. Xin Tong (Postdoc, now Associate Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Dr. Dongdong Zhang (Postdoc, now Professor, Jilin University)

Sarina Zürcher (Research assistant)