The Willitsch Group - Cold and Controlled Molecules and Ions

Welcome to the Cold and Controlled Molecules and Ions group at the University of Basel led by Prof. Stefan Willitsch. Our research is concerned with the preparation and control of cold molecules and molecular ions and their applications in both chemistry and physics. On this website, you can find information about our group, our research, our teaching and opportunities to join us.

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water reactions

Different reactivities of para- and ortho-water unravelled
Water molecules exist as two distinct nuclear-spin isomers. We managed to separate the two isomers to show that they exhibit different chemical reactivities.
Read the new paper by Ardita, Hong, Daniel and Uxia in Nature Communications which has been highlighted by the editors
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Current course materials on ADAM:
Physikalische Chemie II - Teil 2: Quantentheorie (HS18) 

Open positions

Open PhD position: Quantum dynamics of an ultracold ion coupled to a nanomechanical oscillator
• Call for Endress Postdoc Fellows
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Recent publications


Ian’s paper "Energy distributions of an ion in a radiofrequency trap immersed in a buffer gas under the influence of additional external forces” just appeared in Phys. Rev. A. In this article, Ian explores the influence of the excess micromotion of a trapped ion immersed in an ultracold gas on its energy distribution.
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